Sally Watson - Resident Artist

Sally Watson is the proprietor and resident artist of The Hotel Gallery.  Sally uses her talents and passion for art to create one-of-a-kind pieces using many different mediums. Sally's original style and diverse tastes help make the gallery the truly unique place that it is. The Hotel Gallery brings people from far and wide to visit and shop at what has become one of the focal points of historic downtown Tippecanoe.  When Sally is not creating in her studio she can usually be found greeting and assisting customers in the gallery. 

Statement from the Artist

"Who am I?  I am a child of God.  I have been blessed in so many ways.  As my life is constantly evolving, I am so amazed how God uses the little and big things in life to mold us and shape us into His image.  He is constantly reminding me each day of the intimacy he desires to have with us.  I am so amazed how he can use ALL different mediums creatively to flow us into oneness with him.  God teaches life lessons through our relationships with our families, friends and environments using everything and everybody we encounter.  I love my life!  It is very simple but complex, very free flowing but focused.  I enjoy the spontaneous way in which I am able to live; working, playing and living in a focused environment (in a small town).  I try to be productive both in the physical as well as the spiritual realm each moment of the day and avoid getting too tied down to an agenda.  I choose to listen to that still small voice which guides and directs me.  The joy of the Lord is my strength and motivation. 

It is my hope that the works of my hand will enrich your life in a very special way."  

- Sally Watson

Liberty Watson - Artist

Liberty Watson is a talented local painter/artist whose work can be found throughout the Hotel Gallery.  Liberty is the daughter of Sally and Steve Watson and was raised around the Gallery where she learned to appreciate art and began experimenting and developing her talents from a young age.  Liberty's style and medium is constantly evolving but her primary focus is abstract watercolor.  Her unique paintings capture moods and feelings that seem to have a varying affect on each observer.  

Statement from the Artist

“My mother is a potter by profession and has always inspired and shared her creative energy with me. I have been involved with watercolor since 2010 and have evolved with the medium over the last couple years. I very much enjoy the abstract appearance as I believe life is abstract as well; undefined and spontaneously occurring. Most of my pieces have a natural expression which is representational of the manner in which I produce them. 

I cannot help but be captivated by the creative beauty around us which we can see every day in the landscapes, the trees, the birds, the sky and the people. All of these romances of nature that constantly surround us encourage and inspire me as I paint. Just as the Great Spirit has instilled a unique drive within each of us, each painting reveals a spirit that may vary from one observer to the another. That is what makes these paintings unique.  They allow freedom of imagination to the viewer and remind us that striving for flawlessness essentially limits us.  Instead we must see flaws as their own perfection so that we may learn to embrace the rare pieces in our lives, for they are what will truly express us and set us apart from the conventional.  Painting abstract watercolor is an experience that I will forever be thankful for. “ 

- Liberty Watson

Olive Boyd - Artist / Advisor

Olive Boyd's experience and wonderful personality makes her a valuable and irreplaceable member of the Hotel Gallery family.  Olive creates beautiful realist water color paintings and has been a welcome asset and friend for the management and artists at the Hotel Gallery for many years.   She regularly teaches water color classes in the Rug Room and provides Sally, Steve and Steve with welcome advice and unique perspective.  We are truly blessed to have her art and more importantly her presence at the gallery and in our lives.   

Statement from the Artist
"Creative activities of all kinds are as necessary as breathing. I have always been involved with them one way or another. I have no interest in social or political statements, but I draw and paint in response to the natural beauty all around.
It is great good fortune to have had good teachers, many workshops with notable artists, many solo shows, group shows and awards. Possibly the greatest pleasure has been seeing former and current students have great success.
The subtle changes in value and fluid graceful Oriental brush strokes possible with watercolor I find endlessly fascinating. In addition the ease of portability and clean up make watercolor my preferred medium.
The historic architecture as well as the creative energy in Tipp City is a great stimulus along with the kindness and encouragement of everyone." 

-Olive Boyd

Guustie Alvarado - Artist

Statement from the Artist

"Glass is my passion.  I’ve been working with glass for over 20 years. I do not limit myself to one way of working with glass. I use it in jewelry, I blow glass, I fuse glass, I cast glass and I make 2D wall hangings. In the wall hangings I either use fused glass and oil paints or I cut glass to make a mosaics.

For my mosaics and paintings I look at nature. It gives me all the colors, shapes and textures I need. I take my camera outside to take pictures of flowers. On my computer I can see all the detail and close ups that I might have missed while I was outside. I imagine stories and interactions that the flowers might have. Next step is to create the piece and show with little pieces of glass or fused glass and paint what I’m already seeing in my head.

I like to keep my jewelry simple and elegant. The drops are shaped through gravity and heat. I can include color where I want but in the end it is the force of nature that gives the glass the shape. For the last couple of years I have only used sterling silver to finish the jewelry. The glass and silver are materials that are timeless.

Glass blowing is the last technique that I added to my repertoire. I get joy from creating basic shapes with colorful scenes. Again I take my inspiration from nature I enjoy layering color and adding flowers. I like to give the vase or paperweight its own character.

20 some years ago after I made my first piece of stained glass I knew then that glass would be my medium. In 2008 I graduated from The Ohio State University with a BFA in Glass and the journey continues."  

- Gustie Alvarado

Barbara Cooper - Musician

Barbara Cooper grew up pursuing musical interests through piano, voice, choral, band and stage experiences. She has taught general music, choral music, piano, voice, and guitar, but currently focuses on piano alone. She believes in combining classical training, chart reading, and ear training to help students develop a holistic understanding of music fundamentals. The positive atmosphere in her Studio and her individualized approach encourages students to freely express themselves through the medium of music. In addition to being a professional musician, Barbara is a clergy person in the United Methodist Church.

Statement from the Artist

“I want to encourage the artist in each student to be proud of their workmanship and creative potential as they discover their God-given talents. I was young when I realized that God had a distinctive call on my life to pursue ministry as a vocation. Music has always been an important part of my answer to God’s call. It is such a joy to share that gift with others! I didn’t realize that working in the community was an important part of what God was doing with my ministry until I got older. Now, I get to divide my time between the church and the community as I pastor and teach. I believe that having a significant role in each of those areas helps me to stay grounded as a teacher and as a pastor. I hope that each role helps to inform the other and that God continues to use me to help others grow in grace.”


You can learn more about Barbara and Babsongs Studio at

Trish McKinney

Statement From the Artist

I am a Teacher - passionate to inspire and connect everyone to the creator within 


I am a Painter - constantly curious and experimental, thinking outside the box, and always asking  "what if".

I am a Dreamer - who steps into my dreams and makes them a reality.

I am a Believer - living my life expectantly and abundantly - thinking "as if" it has already happened.

I am an Artist.

"I shut my eyes in order to see" is one of the artist’s favorite quotes because it reminds her of how inspiration begins — dreaming.

To learn more about Trish and her art check out Trish's website for more information at